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QuickMon is a simple monitoring and alerting tool. It allows you to monitor and alert on various resources/services locally or remotely.

CodePlex shutting down

Since CodePlex is shutting down this project is moving to GitHub ( There will be no further updates on this site. Please visit the new site in the future for any updates. The last updated version of version 4 (4.4.4) has been published to reflect this move - both to this site and new GitHub site.

Version 5 Note

Development for Version 4.x is now frozen. QuickMon 5 is now in development (still early days).
For now, all 4.x functionality is planned to remain as is in 5.x. The new version will make use of .Net 4.5 (plus) and Visual Studio 2015.
More details will follow as 5.x is being developed.

Summary of functionality

  • Polls resources on predefined frequency
  • Agents use a 'plug-in' architecture
  • Agents are (XML) config driven - Each 'agent' can be customized on its own
  • Collectors can service multiple collector agents - of different types
  • Collector hosts returns one of three possible states: Good, Warning or error
  • Several different notifier agent available for alerting
  • Each notifier can be set up to fire on collector states - e.g. only errors/errors and warnings
  • Groups of resources can be monitored (and alert on) as a unit - using Monitor packs
  • Parent Collector host specify if child collectors get run based on specified 'Check behavior'.
  • Collector hosts can run as a 'different user' (impersonation)
  • Alerting can be customized in several ways - like suppression, delaying, repeating etc.
  • Resources on remote machines can be monitored via remote host functionality if direct access is blocked (e.g. firewall)
  • Collector agents can be set to operate only in specified 'service windows'
  • Collector agents can suppress/override polling frequency
  • Corrective scripts can be executed if collector returns error/warning
  • Monitor packs can be used in both a Windows client or a Windows Service
  • It runs on All versions of Windows that supports the .Net 4.0 framework - e.g. 10, 8, 7, Vista and even XP. Windows Server OS'es are also supported.
  • Linux (and any other Nix OS) can be monitored via SSH based agents using library.


* Architecture
* Monitor packs
* Alerts
* Collector agents
* Notifier agents
* Windows client
* Service
* Extendability
* Future ideas


Please don't be shy to report any issues or suggestions. Log it under discussions or issues as needed or even drop me a message.

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