QuickMon 3

This new release simplifies the user interface and introduces 'Remote agents'. It also consolidated 3 Ping like collectors into one.

The new UI

The new user interface greatly simplifies how you interact and manage monitor packs. The basics with collectors visible in a tree form allowing nested collectors (with dependencies) are still there. The management/configuration has been simplified so the 'editing config' can be called straight from the main window. The editing window itself has been changed to eliminate another window with a list view before you can edit entry details.
Main window
General settings
General Settings.png
Context menus
QuickMon3 - Context menu.png
QuickMon3 - Context menu 2.png


No new collectors have been added (yet). The previous version Ping collectors for ICMP, HTTP and socket ping has now been consolidated into one.


No new notifiers have been added. Actually one has been omitted (the RSS feed notifier). The reason is simply because no-one seems to be using it anyway. If needed it can be added in the future again.

Editing collectors

Selecting the type
Select Collector type.png
Main tab
Edit Collector Tab 1.png
Advanced tab
Edit Collector Tab 2.png
Service windows
Edit Service Window.png

Editing notifiers

Edit Notifier.png
Notifier collectors
Select Notifier Collectors.png

Editing RAW config

Config Raw Edit.png
Importing from existing config
Import Config.png

Command line agent host

For debugging purposes a separate command line based tool has been added to serve as a remote agent host. This is nothing more that a simple shell that displays what 'remote' agents are called and what states they return. Take note that it cannot run at the same time (on the same machine) as the QuickMon 3 Windows Service.
Command line host.png

QuickMon 3 Service

This is full Windows service. It operates exactly like the previous version with the addition of being a 'Remote' agent host as well.

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