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QuickMon Windows client

The is the main application for QuickMon. It has a very simple UI that display the states of the various collectors in the currently loaded monitor pack. It provides the following functionality:
  • Application icon display 'global' state. If all enabled collectors return 'good' a green 'light' is displayed. If all enabled collectors return 'error' then a red 'light' is displayed. Otherwise a yellow 'light' is shown.
  • Each collector's own state (other that folders) is displayed in the tree view with a green, yellow or red 'light'
  • Collectors can be disabled/enabled
  • A detail view for each collector can be viewed
  • A collector can be configured from this UI (but some functionality is disabled like adding or removing collectors)
  • The 'Configure Monitor Pack' UI can be launched to do full editing of the monitor pack
  • Existing monitor packs can be loaded from saved config files
  • The application polling frequency can be changed
  • Notifier viewers can be displayed (those that support it)

Example of main window


Options dialog


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