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QuickMon Service

A Windows service is provided that essentially does the same job except it runs in the background without a UI. The advantage is that it can run even if no one is logged onto the computer. It must however be configured to run under an user account that has access to all the resources it need to access.
From version 3.0 the service also acts as the 'Remote host'.

This service is a simple container for a Monitor pack that runs by itself using its own built-in asynchronous polling mechanism. It also supports pausing and continuing if needed. Since version 2.2 it supports using multiple monitor packs at the same time. Since version 2.3 it support 'self' installing - i.e. to be registered in Service Manager as a Windows service by using the "-install" parameter.

Self installing

If for some reason you choose not to install the service during set-up (MSI installer) you can easily install the service in Service Manager by simply running the command:
  • QuickMonService.exe -install
Similarly to unregister it:
  • QuickMonService.exe -uninstall
Note that the MSI installer that installs QuickMon does NOT unregister the service when it is uninstalled. This is because a user may choose not to install the service at all and the uninstall of the MSI would break then trying to unregister the service (which is not there duh). To remove the service registration run the "-uninstall" command (before uninstalling the MSI because it will remove the exe).
Similarly, if you install a new version with the service still registered, don't choose to 'install/register' it again. The installer will fail. Simply un'check' the option. Since the service is already installed you don't need to reregister it anyway.


If you set up the service to use a monitor pack (which you have tested using the GUI) and it does not send/record alerts check the following:
  • Make sure the service is actually installed
  • Make sure the service is running
  • Make sure 'HTTP Activation' of 'WCF Services' (Windows features) is enabled (.Net 4.x)
  • The service must run under an account that has access to the following:
    • Read/execute access on the QuickMon install directory
    • Read/Write access to any log file notifier directories
    • Read/Write/Execute access to whatever type of notifier resource you use
  • Check the event log for errors - event source "QuickMon Service". This requires that the the service account has write access to the event log (obviously)
  • If using the smtp notifier - make sure the service account has access to the smtp server or use a valid username/password set.
  • If using the sql notifier - make sure the service account has update/execute permissions on the QuickMon database.
  • If you still have issues try using you own account to run the service.

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