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QuickMon OleDb Query Collector

This collector is a generic OleDb tool to query OleDb data sources. At the moment it is still in development. It is fairly basic and has only been tested against the most common data sources and types like MS Access (mdb) files.

General tips

  • The summary query must only return a single value (unless the row count itself is used as the returned value)
  • The summary query must be as fast/quick as possible - as it will be called each time QuickMon refreshes all collector states.
  • Avoid locking/blocking of data. Since the purpose of the collector is only to monitor and you don't want it to become a resource drain or block.
  • Even when using the 'use row count as value' make the query as simple as possible with fewest posible columns (ideally only one).
  • When the returned value is not a number then it must match the specified values for Success/Warning/Error exactly.
  • There are two special values for the Success, Warning and Error settings - '[null]' and '[any]'. The '[null]' value means it must match a 'null' value in the returned result.
    The '[any]' value means the actual value could be anything - or effectively it is ignored.
    Only one of the Success, Warning or Error setting value can be set to either '[null]' or '[any]'.
  • Tips: in MS Access queries date fields in where clauses must use the syntax #date# e.g. #2014-01-01#.


  • UPDATE, DELETE and CREATE statements are not allowed. If you must use functionality that requires it rather place it into a stored procedure.
  • Both Summary and Detail queries must be a 'single' statement - i.e. no 'GO' statements between lines.
  • For summary query: Any additional columns will simply be ignored.

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