A notifier provides a means to send or record alert messages. It implements the IAgent and INotifier interfaces (via NotifierBase) and is hosted inside a NotifierEntry for configuration.

Creating a new Notifier

In order to implement a new notifier the following steps must be taken:
  • Open the Monitor pack management window.
  • Create a new (or add to) class library that reference the QuickMonShared assembly.
  • (Optionally) Set the default namespace to QuickMon (recommended to ease development)
  • (Optionally) Set project properties - like Title, description etc.
  • Inherit from the NotifierBase class
  • Implement methods that need to be overridden (tip - use existing notifiers as example)
  • Provide a custom configuration user interface (recommended to call it EditConfig to ease 'standard' set by existing collectors
  • (Optionally) If the notifier supports it provide a viewer user interface

Existing notifiers

  • Event log - log alerts to the event log (local or remote)
  • Log file – a simple text log file
  • RSS feed – actually really just an xml file that you can host on a web server that is exposed as an RSS feed
  • SMTP – Sending out alerts as emails
  • SQL database – storing alert details in a sql server

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