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Notifier agents

Notifiers record or post alert messages raised to the type of technology they use. They are configured to record alerts of a certain level (or worse) e.g. 'Warnings' and 'Errors' or just 'Errors'.
Like collectors the notifiers contain functionality to edit its type of configuration. Some notifiers also contain a 'viewer' window or mechanism to view the gathered alert information. This is because some notifiers like the SMTP notifier don't have anything to 'view' once the message has been sent.
Lastly, a notifier can be configured to only accept alerts for specified collectors if needed. This is useful if some alerts are not relevant for the audience of the notifier.

The following is a list of the existing notifiers that are included:
  • Audio Notifier agent – Play a sound when an alert is raised
  • Event log - Log alerts to the event log (local or remote)
  • Log file – a simple text log file
  • SMTP – Sending out alerts as emails
  • SQL database – storing alert details in a sql server

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