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Monitor packs

A MonitorPack is a container that house events, methods and configuration to perform the monitoring functionality that QuickMon provides.
It even contains a method to facilitate scheduled polling all by itself - this is the way the Windows service client make use of it.
To create and edit a Monitor Pack use the QuickMon editor


A monitor pack has the following events that a client application can subscribe to:
  • The current state of a collector when it is checked
  • When the state of a collector change
  • When a collector encounters an error
  • When a notifier encounters an error
  • When the monitor pack itself encounters an error


  • Loading the monitor pack configuration
  • Saving the monitor pack configuration

Asynchronous polling

A configured monitor pack can be use to start asynchronous polling by an application that subscribes to the events.


The configuration for a monitor pack is just an XML file with the following basic structure:

<monitorPack name="Example" enabled="True" agentRegistrationFile="path to agent registration file" defaultViewerNotifier="">

The following is a simple example of a monitor pack configuration file

<monitorPack version="2.5" name="Example" enabled="True" agentRegistration="somePath" 
     defaultViewerNotifier="QuickMon log file">
    <collectorEntry uniqueID="c1fa1d1e-f1ba-4a2a-bcb0-4ed5dbdb5049" name="Local C drive space available" 
      enabled="True" isFolder="False" collector="PerfCounter" dependOnParent="" collectOnParentWarning="False" 
      repeatAlertInXMin="0" alertOnceInXMin="0">
          <performanceCounter computer="." category="Processor" counter="% Processor Time" instance="_Total" 
            returnValueInverted="False" warningValue="80" errorValue="100" />
    <notifierEntry name="QuickMon log file" notifier="LogFile" enabled="True" alertLevel="Info" detailLevel="Detail">
        <logFile path="somePath\test.log" createNewFileSizeKB="0" />
      <collectors />

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