Installation and set up

To install QuickMon simply download the QuickMonInstaller MSI and install it.


To start using QuickMon you need to set up a few things first. First step is to create a new Monitor Pack.
This is done by using the QuickMon config editor
After that you can use the Windows client or Windows service to use this Monitor Pack.

QuickMon Windows service

To set up the Windows Service you can use the provided batch file InstallService.cmd.
Take note to run it as 'Administrator' otherwise the installation will fail (Windows Vista/7).
It will prompt you for a user name and password. Choose an account that has access to all resources that need to be monitored.
Once the service is installed 'edit' the config file and specify the frequency and 'Monitor Pack file' to use.

QuickMon database notifier

This notifier requires a bit more specialized set-up to get fully working.
  • First you need a SQL server (2008 or later. Not tested with earlier)
  • Create a new database - suggestion: name it QuickMon
  • Run the QuickMon.sql sql script that comes with the installation to create all the tables and stored procedures needed.
  • Then you can simply add a database notifier instance and you only have to specify the server and database name. All other settings are default.

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