Editing collector entry

When editing a collector entry you can change the following settings:
  • Name of collector entry. It helps to have a full and properly description since this is the name that will appear in the alert message
  • Enable/Disable
  • Is this a folder collector. If it is then most other settings become unavailable.
  • Parent collector
  • The collector agent type
  • If this is a 'parent' collector then should 'child' collectors still be checked if the current collector return a state of 'Warning'
  • Repeat alert (only for Warning/Error state) even if the state hasn't changed
  • Don't generate an alert for specified number of minutes even if the state changed
  • Delay warning and error alerts by specified seconds
  • Set up one or more service windows
  • Launch the custom configuration editor for the chosen type of collector
  • Although not recommended you can manually edit the collector's custom xml config
  • Imports custom xml config from another similar type of collector entry

General tab

The main tab contains general settings


Agent tab

This tab contains the monitor agent specific settings plus configuration


Alerts tab

This tab contains alert related settings


Custom config edting

It is possible to edit the monitor agent's config manually (but be careful)


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