Notifications doesn't seem to work for me

Oct 24, 2011 at 11:16 AM


I am having trouble getting my windows service to notify me on errors (or anything for that matter). I've tried SMTP and even good old file logging.

Am I configuring it incorrectly or could there be something else that's not triggering.

I am not seeing anything strange in the event logs so it makes tracing the error a bit hard.

I've done some changes to force things to fail.

My configuration file:


<monitorPack name="DEV Resources" enabled="True" agentRegistrationFile="D:\DevTools\QuickMon\DEV Agents.qmral" defaultViewerNotifier="Logging">
    <collectorEntry uniqueID="5c2f7508-a145-45eb-92ad-acb9c5c9c643" name="Mobile Operators" enabled="True" isFolder="False" collector="HttpPing" dependOnParent="" collectOnParentWarning="False" repeatAlertInXMin="0" alertOnceInXMin="0" delayErrWarnAlertForXSec="0">
          <address url="http://someurl" proxyServer="" timeOutMS="600" maxTimeMS="100" />
    <collectorEntry uniqueID="2ae12433-bc0a-4a92-a1c5-5f194bf0bcca" name="Test" enabled="True" isFolder="False" collector="PerfCounter" dependOnParent="" collectOnParentWarning="False" repeatAlertInXMin="0" alertOnceInXMin="0" delayErrWarnAlertForXSec="0">
          <performanceCounter computer="." category="Processor" counter="% Processor Time" instance="_Total" returnValueInverted="False" warningValue="0.10000002384186" errorValue="0.20000004768372" />
    <notifierEntry name="Logging" notifier="LogFile" enabled="True" alertLevel="Debug" detailLevel="All">
        <logFile path="C:\Temp\logs.log" createNewFileSizeKB="0" />
      <collectors />

Oct 24, 2011 at 12:41 PM

First off - make sure the service runs under an account that has access to the right resources! e.g. Access to the file system. When using smtp you can specify a separate user account and password for authentication. For testing you can use your own user account or create a dedicated account on the machine that has access to the hdd (NTFS permissions and so on). Do not use accounts like Local System, Network account etc.

Oct 24, 2011 at 1:35 PM

Ah OK, I finally got the emails to come through. I haven't managed to get it to log to a file though but the emailing is probably more important at this stage.

I had the service running as Local Service. So I created a QuickMon user and let it run as that.

Thanks a lot.