QuickMon is a simple monitoring and alerting tool. It allows you to monitor and alert on various resources/services locally or remotely.

Version 4

Please take note of the Version 4 Alpha release available here

Summary of functionality

  • Polls resources on predefined frequency
  • Agents use a 'plug-in' architecture
  • Agents are Config driven - Each 'agent' can be customized on its own
  • Each resource type serviced by a different Collector agent
  • Collector agents returns one of three possible states: Good, Warning or error
  • Several different notifier agent available for alerting
  • Each notifier can be set up to fire on collector states - e.g. only errors/errors and warnings
  • Groups of resources can be monitored (and alert on) as a unit - using Monitor packs
  • Collector agents dependency: 'child' collectors will only operate if parent returns 'good' state
  • Alerting can be customized in several ways - like suppression, delaying, repeating etc.
  • Resources on remote machines can be monitored via remote host functionality if direct access is blocked (e.g. firewall)
  • Collector agents can be set to operate only in specified 'service windows'
  • Collector agents can suppress/override polling frequency
  • Corrective scripts can be executed if collector returns error/warning
  • Monitor packs can be used in both a Windows client or a Windows Service
  • It still runs on Windows XP (base application, service and most agents tested so far). Yes, it runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and server versions like 2003, 2008 and 2012.


* Architecture
* Monitor packs
* Alerts
* Collector agents
* Notifier agents
* Windows client
* Service
* Extendability
* Future ideas


Please don't be shy to report any issues or suggestions. Log it under discussions or issues as needed or even drop me a message.

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